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Nervous? It's ok, read on...

I've never had a threesome before. Do you see first timers?

Yes! We absolutely do and in fact most of our clients are first timers. We totally understand you will be nervous and we are both very caring women and will happily look after you.

I am worried I won’t know what to do with both of you.

We know what to do so you do not even need to think about it! We move with stye and sensuality, we play in front of you and with you. When we invite you to play with us we do so subtly, guiding your every move to perfection. Never will you feel lost.

Do you interact with each other or is the attention only on the guy?

Yes we interact with each other! Please read our About Us page to learn more about the story of how we began our journey together as playmates.

Why should I choose Duet over another duo?

We are the full package. From aesthetic beauty to inner beauty you will be experiencing a very high quality offering. We also have a very natural chemistry and are highly experienced with threesomes both within and outside of a working environment.

Which payment methods do accept?

We require a bank deposit prior to the day of your session. your booking will not be confirmed until your deposit is received.

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